Aesthetic Medicine & Weight Management

Located in Glen Allen & Greater Richmond, VA

New Medical Spa

Aesthetic Medicine & Weight Management

Aesthetic Medicine & Weight Management

Located in Glen Allen & Greater Richmond, VA

New Medical Spa

Aesthetic Medicine & Weight Management

New Medical Spa

Meet Dr. Camden

Men and women throughout the Glen Allen and greater Richmond, VA area can finally look and feel their best with the help of Teresa Camden, MD, FACSM. As a leading Cosmetic Medicine practitioner with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Camden and her team at New Medical Spa can offer you a number of health and aesthetic solutions. Her Richmond, Virginia, practice is conveniently located near Wyndham, Innsbrook, and Short Pump.

Dr. Camden earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College in New York. After completing her required residency training at Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, she went through her Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas… continue reading

Treat Yourself.


How does Botox work? As you age, connective tissue in your skin breaks down. These tissues, known as collagen and elastin, work together to make your skin tight and supple. Besides the loss of your connective tissue, the cushioning layer of fat that separates muscle...

Vampire Facelift, Microneedling with PRP

What is a vampire facelift? A vampire facelift is a nonsurgical procedure pioneered by Dr. Charles Runels. He found a way to combine the benefits of microneedling and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). Now physicians all over the world use this advanced technique to...


Can dermal fillers get rid of wrinkles? Dermal fillers smooth out your skin and help minimize the appearance of moderate to deep grooves and wrinkles. Clinically proven dermal fillers, like Belotero®, Radiesse®, and JUVÉDERM®, are used to fill in areas where you’ve...


How does Kybella work? Kybella’s main ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This substance, which is found naturally in your body, is responsible for breaking down and absorbing fat. When the solution is injected into your body, the deoxycholic acid...

Weight Loss Medication

How do weight loss medications work? All weight loss medications work a little differently. Some medications curb your appetite by altering chemical and hormonal processes that are known to make you feel hungry. When you don’t feel hungry, you probably won’t eat as...


What does JUVÉDERM do? JUVÉDERM is widely regarded as one of the most effective hyaluronic acid fillers available. It benefits your skin in a couple of different ways. First, hyaluronic acid attracts moisture in your skin. This instantly plumps and fills out sunken...

Chemical Peel

How does a chemical peel work? Chemical peels include a mixture of clinical-grade solutions that are applied to your skin. They gently penetrate through the top layer of your skin, causing it to blister. In the days following your chemical peel treatment, the...

B12 Injections

What do weight loss injections do? Weight loss injections deliver precise doses of vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients into your bloodstream. These doses bypass your digestive system, so the nutrients are less likely to break down or become damaged. Lipotropic...

Retinol & Skin Care

How does retinol work? Specialized proteins on your skin, called retinoid receptors, carry and release retinoids. These vitamin A derivatives trigger collagen production, which help reverse the signs of aging by tightening and firming your skin. Having been researched...

Specials & Promotions

Available for Events

Dr. Camden Is Often Available for Events at Sculpture Total Skin Care.

Dr. Camden’s next event at Sculpture is Tuesday, August 21st, at 5:30 PM. Please call Sculpture to reserve your consultation and treatment time.

Deals on Botox

Botox $9 a unit for first-time patients. 

Hair Growth for Men

Now announcing our new service PRP for Hair Growth!

We Offer the Vampire Facial

Now announcing our new service PRP for Hair Growth!


Patient Reviews

I appreciated Dr. Camden listening to my needs for concerned areas. She made suggestions for improvements, and in no time was finished with her quick, light touches. This was my first visit, and I will return for more services.
-Evelyn B.

Dr. Camden is awesome!!! She has great technique, and I feel very safe her hands! So It has been one week since my first microneedling with PRP, and I look 5 years younger!!! My friends even noticed. :). Dr. Camden listens to you and helps you through it all step by step. I can’t wait to see my final results! Dr. Camden is the best, and I can’t thank her enough for help!
-Michelle R.

Dr. Camden was great. She took her time and answered all of my questions putting me at ease. She is a magician with the needle. I’m thrilled with my results!
-Heather G.

Dr. Camden is absolutely amazing to work with and so helpful when it comes to satisfying her clients. Regardless of the location, which I have read mixed reviews about, she is very helpful and recommends what she feels is best for her clients. I will gladly recommend her to friends and family without a doubt! Thank you so much to Dr. Camden and her husband, Chris for everything!!! You guys are the best.
-Jennifer C.

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