Body Filler Skin Tightening

Body Filler Skin Tightening


With Dermal Filler!
LOOK & FEEL you 100%

You must inject to tighten and lift skin anywhere on the body. Heating & Cooling just doesn’t do it.
Dilute Radiesse Dermal Filler in the BODY stimulates Elastin and Collagen to grow new skin.

Feel Great with Tight Skin! Get Sculpted Neck, abs, arms, thighs!

2, 20-minute treatments; comfortable injections just under the skin.

Amazing results in 3 weeks.

Lasts 2-4 years

Each treatment value 700

Figure 4. Before (A and C) and 6 months after (B and D) first treatment with 6 mL of CaHA diluted 1:1 per leg in a 35-year-old woman who received 2 treatments 3 months apart. CaHA, calcium hydroxylapatite. Images provided courtesy of Wouter Peeters, MD.
Medical Science has known for years that Radiesse, when put in the face stimulates new collagen growth thereby creating a wonderful amount of tightening. Medical research now proves that Radiesse, when mixed with Lidocaine & Saline, tightens skin wherever we inject it.

This dilution with Lidocaine & Saline does not provide the usual tissue expansion that fillers provide in the face.

Rather the dilute Radiesse filler simply acts as an awesome stimulant of new collagen and elastin creating an amazing tightening effect.

Click here to download the Global Consensus Guidelines for the Injection of Diluted and Hyperdiluted Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Skin Tightening.

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