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Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

How does a chemical peel work?

Chemical peels include a mixture of clinical-grade solutions that are applied to your skin. They gently penetrate through the top layer of your skin, causing it to blister. In the days following your chemical peel treatment, the blistered layer of skin will start to shed.

After this shedding process, you’re left with a fresh, new layer of skin that’s smoother and more supple. Because this new skin is delicate and fragile, it’s important to wear sunscreen diligently after your chemical peel to prevent burning or other adverse effects.

The price for chemical peel treatments range from $200-$300, depending on your individual needs.

What can a chemical peel treat?

What’s particularly beneficial about VI Peels is that treatments aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, your practitioner selects one of the several types of chemical peels offered by VI Aesthetics®, based on your specific skin concerns.

For instance, if you have acne scars or sun damage, the VI Peel PURIFY with Precision Plus may be your best option. There are also specific VI Peels for:

Dr. Camden spends time with you to review all of your skin issues to ensure your chemical peel treats all of your concerns.

When will I see results after a chemical peel?

Although a chemical peel is one of the best ways to resolve skin imperfections, you won’t get results overnight. Right after your peel, your skin is likely going to be red and inflamed, which is normal. After several days, your skin starts peeling or shedding. This typically occurs days three to seven days after your VI Peel. Depending on which chemical peel treatment you received, you may experience blistering or crusting for up to two weeks afterward.

After this period of time, you will begin to see results. You can safely have chemical peel treatments repeated after your skin heals, or as needed, to continue improving the appearance and texture of your skin. Dr. Camden will let you know what to expect after your peel and how you need to care for your improved skin, so your results last as long as possible.

Schedule your custom chemical peel treatment at New Medical Spa by using the online scheduler or by calling the clinic.

Individual results may vary.

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