PDO Thread Lift

What is the most desired aesthetic option? Instant lift with ZERO downtime, that is the attraction of latest treatment option — PDO Thread Lifts. The innovations in the field of PDO Thread Lifts within the last years are making it effective and easy option for those who want to lift tissues or correct deep lines […]

Rohrer Spectrum Laser

Rohrer Spectrum Laser at New Medical Spa

What are Spectrum Laser/IPL treatments? Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments can alleviate multiple dermatologic conditions. The Spectrum delivers wavelength specific pulses of energy to the desired treatment area. Discomfort is minimal and is usually compared to the “snap of a rubber band”. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve your desired result. The […]

Body Filler Skin Tightening

Body Filler Skin Tightening

TONE, LIFT, PLUMP. With Dermal Filler! LOOK & FEEL you 100% You must inject to tighten and lift skin anywhere on the body. Heating & Cooling just doesn’t do it. Dilute Radiesse Dermal Filler in the BODY stimulates Elastin and Collagen to grow new skin. Feel Great with Tight Skin! Get Sculpted Neck, abs, arms, […]

Butt Lift

female body

Sculptra Butt lift As made famous by the Kardashians. Have you done hundreds of squats?  Still tired of your flat butt? Feel great with your new curve! Sculptra: the “planted seed” that makes your own tissue grow wherever we put it! Gradual, natural, plump! Sculptra grows your own plump tissue anywhere in the body.  In […]


A woman receiving an injection of botox into her forehead

How does Botox work? As you age, the connective tissue in your skin breaks down. These tissues, known as collagen and elastin, work together to make your skin tight and supple. Besides the loss of your connective tissue, the cushioning layer of fat that separates muscle from the skin will gradually diminish. As a result […]

Vampire Facelift & Microneedling

What is a vampire facelift? A vampire facelift is a nonsurgical procedure pioneered by Dr. Charles Runels. Now physicians all over the world use this advanced technique to help your face look firmer and younger, without the need for an invasive surgical procedure. At New Medical Spa, Dr. Camden uses the FDA-cleared SkinPen® by Bellus […]


Our medical spa relaxes and soothes you

Can dermal fillers get rid of wrinkles? Dermal fillers smooth out your skin and help minimize the appearance of moderate to deep grooves and wrinkles. Clinically proven dermal fillers, like Belotero®, Radiesse®, and JUVÉDERM®, are used to fill in areas where you’ve lost volume. Most advanced dermal fillers last for a long time. Depending on which […]



How does Kybella work? Kybella’s main ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This substance, which is found naturally in your body, is responsible for breaking down and absorbing fat. When the solution is injected into your body, the deoxycholic acid immediately starts destroying fat cell deposits. Once they’re broken down, the cells can’t […]

Weight Loss Medication

A woman in underwear measuring her waist with a tape measure.

How do weight loss medications work? All weight loss medications work a little differently. Some medications curb your appetite by altering chemical and hormonal processes that are known to make you feel hungry. When you don’t feel hungry, you probably won’t eat as much. There are also weight loss medications that minimize fat absorption, while […]


Juvederm Model on White Background

What does JUVÉDERM do? JUVÉDERM is widely regarded as one of the most effective hyaluronic acid fillers available. It benefits your skin in a couple of different ways. First, hyaluronic acid attracts moisture in your skin. This instantly plumps and fills out sunken areas, fine lines, and wrinkles, giving you naturally smoother-looking and feeling skin. Next, […]